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In the beginning of the year 2017 in India at Jaipur (RAJASTHAN), M.A Fabrications is establish their company with a wide range of distribution. The company was running under the supervision of “Mr. Mohammad Asif’’ who is a proprietor. The company was set up to make MCB boxes, Iron racks, Module box, etc. The company has the team to do the different type of works, for different professional workers. All the workers will hard work as the company wants, they all will help together or each and every one in the company to do work fast as on time. Only in two years “M.A FABRICATION” have gained a huge success in their field or in the country too.

Specialty: By the do well work of two years the “M.A FABRICATION” has come in topmost Companies. The company has too many offers for the customers or clients and these offers will be too good in quality-assured for range etc.
There are following reasons that why we should choose this company in the field of fabrications:
 Products will be always of high qualities.
 Team of the company will be skilled and professional.
 Business policies are so ethical.
 Payment modes are of the various type and easy (Cash, Card, Installments)
 Dealing is of very huge type and transparent.
 Packaging of products is too good and well customized.
 Company has the wide range of its network and many branches at many places.
After reading the description and specialty of this company we have to glad of this company that they provided us the so many things at on one place that there was “ MILD STEEL FABRICATION IN INDIA, STAINLESS STEEL FABRICATION IN INDIA & ALUMINIUM FABRICATION IN INDIA”.
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We provide these products as per the latest market trends and deliver these at client's premises within the scheduled time frame.